Disconnect to Reconnect – Awesome Perks of Family Camping In a Travel Trailer

The following is a guest post from Joe Iribarren, from Beyond Creative, about his experiences regarding camping, electronics, and his family. Our hope at RVCP is that the experiences he shares with this family let the reader know they are not alone in the struggle to mitigate the difficulties the new age of technology represents. We also hope the experience outlined below helps build better bonds and life-long memories with those they love most.

Disconnect to Reconnect – Awesome Perks of Family Camping In a Travel TrailerConnecting with your kids in this age and time can prove really difficult. It seems like everyone is busy. Electronics are the go-to entertainment. Everyone is in their own little world. I am sure I am not the only one having this trouble.

Because of that, I decided to try something new with my family and I am amazed at how much fun we had together by spending time away from the internet, mobile apps, and mainstream technology as we know it today.

My family and I embarked on a wild camping trip to several state parks and campgrounds in Florida. Thanks to our travel trailer, it wasn’t any hassle bringing our two Golden Retrievers and Goffin Cockatoo along. There was enough space for everyone. And that isn’t even the best part.

I wanted it to be fun. Kids get bored easily, you know. So, we planned the trip to include fun sites such as Lake Kissimmee State Park, Blue Spring State Park, Ft. Myers Beach, and Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground. It was awesome! The excitement grew with each new campsite. I could literally see the anticipation written all over their faces. This is exactly what I wanted. A time for everyone to enjoy the same games and activities. Time away from the addictive internet. A time to bond!

Furthermore, my kids got to learn a few things on the trip. They were responsible for choosing what we cooked over the campfire every evening, and they had s’mores for the first time. It’s not camping if there are no s’mores, right?

Disconnect to Reconnect – Awesome Perks of Family Camping In a Travel TrailerAfter the trip, I decided to share my experience with other families. If you are struggling with connecting with your kids, I bet disconnecting from the world is your best shot. And oh, you should definitely try out a travel trailer. With a little planning, you can bring along the comforts of home without much trouble.

Here are a few things I learned on our trip – the wonders of camping in a travel trailer with your family.

1. Helps Families to Bond

This has to be the first and most important perk of family camping. For once, you get everyone on the same page, or at least in the same place. Every member of the family gets to participate in the same actives including games, cooking, hiking, swimming, etc. Essentially, everyone gets to talk. You may think you know your kids until you spend a weekend away with them, without electronics. You’ll be surprised at the things you learn.

2. Aids Relaxation

Our busy schedules make it difficult to get good rest. This is true for kids too. From busy school schedules to social activities and screen time, they barely have any downtime. Spending time away from home and the usual daily activities will give them time to loosen up. Everyone gets to enjoy uninterrupted hours of relaxation during this “family downtime.”

3. Promotes Fitness

Somehow we all tend to associate fitness with adults alone. Kids need exercise too. For most kids, camping and/or traveling is the only time they get to step out of their town. Use this opportunity to get them involved in activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, etc. They also get to appreciate nature, which is something most of us need to see more of.

4. A Good Social Time

Besides bonding with family, camping also helps to improve social skills as your kids get to meet other families too. When kids spend time outdoors, they meet other kids and sometimes make lifetime friends. It’s not uncommon for parents to make new friends as well. Camping friends are the best friends!

5. Improves Problem Solving Skills

It may not seem like it but camping really does help to improve your kids’ problem-solving skills. We are out of our comfort zone (home) and need to survive. What do we do? The adventure is fun and kids can be very creative. My kids loved coming up with ideas of what we could cook over a campfire.

6. Enjoy Special Moments

Above all, camping helps you to share some memorable moments with your family. It is a break from the troubles of the world. Just you and your family. Everything else can wait. Plan a trip today!

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