Burt Reynolds: A True Friend to All

For many, actor Burt Reynolds was a fine example of what a celebrity should be like. Sure, if you’d seen him in the street, you’d likely find your mouth going dry with anticipation. He had that self-assertive style that all successful people should have; that confidence that said ‘Yeah, it’s me!’ – but with Mr. Reynolds, there was a kind of calmness and charm that you would not expect of someone so famous. If you didn’t know much about the media world, you’d think he was a successful local business owner or something: confident and cool, but never arrogant. 

Sadly, Burt Reynolds left the world behind on September 6th, 2018. Many people who met him over the years spoke fondly of his style and his character. As a man, you would have to go some distance to find someone who could live up to this style. However, RVCP co-founder Carl, had the pleasure of interacting with Burt not long before his glorious and famous life came to an end. 

This story is a fine example of just why, for so many, Burt Reynolds is an icon, a hero, and an inspiration. 

The Burt Reynolds Story You’ll Love to Hear

Burt was doing what he always did, signing autographs for his adoring fans. People all over the world knew who he was, and as a Jupiter resident, he was a bit of a big thing in this part of Florida. We never wanted to pester Burt if ever we would see him around town. This time, though, I was out with a friend of mine, and we decided to go on over and say hello. And why not? He was a legend! 

Burt Reynolds wishes Recreational Vehicle Consumer Products (RVCP) luck before his death.

We got talking to Burt and asked him for his autograph. In true Mr. Reynolds fashion, the signing took about ten minutes. To my astonishment, he freely and willingly talked about his philosophies, life experiences, and even asked about my dreams and aspirations. He genuinely listened and when I told him that I was running a local Jupiter manufacturing business that sold Recreational Vehicle products across the US and Canada, he seemed pretty enthused by the idea. He seemed happy for us that we were doing something locally, and looking to make something big out of a local business. 

We spoke for a brief while, but I have to admit that it was obvious that he was losing some of his old zeal and energy. However, despite the fact he clearly was nowhere near 100%, he still had that classic charm that we’d all seen in the media and TV: that glint in the eye, the explosive wit. 

It was my one interaction with the man, and I have to say it left a big impression on me. The fact that Burt Reynolds wished me and our company luck means that, for me, I’ll never give up on this dream. I want to do well for us, the people of Jupiter, and RV enthusiasts across the US and Canada. Now, I want to do well for Burt, too. Not many mega-stars stay so humble and close to their roots: I have to say that left an indelible mark on me. 

RIP Burt. You were, and always will be, an inspiration to anyone from Jupiter and beyond. You lived the lifestyle.

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